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TV Heads forthcoming video “Ribbons”, to be released October 2019 (private stream).


TV Heads is a three-piece band born in the artistic crucible of the Bay Area and raised on the eastern edge of Los Angeles on a steady diet of post-punk riffs, delicate, layered harmonies, and electro grit. The band is composed of Sean Galloway, Angelica Tavella, and Vince Gutierrez who rotate duties on lead vocals, guitars, synths, and drums. 

Following their 2016 debut EP, “Total Fucker” (produced by Jeff Saltzman (Department of Eagles, The Killers, Blondie) TVH is set to release their sophomore album Devotional in Winter 2019, featuring Jessica Lankford (Miserable, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts) on drums.  

While writing the songs that would become Devotional, the band drew on the stygian history of occult, technology, and paranoia that brought technologists and occultists like Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard to the San Gabriel Valley in the mid part of the last century. TV Heads spent months alone in their studio perched on the edge of the arroyo that courses across the western edge of the valley, carefully composing and deconstructing 3-part vocal arrangements, dialing synthesizer oscillators, and beating the absolute shit out of a drum kit. 

The result is a fitful, apocalyptic dream. Woven between the album’s swelling, oceanic synths and arcing guitar lines, their trio of gauzy harmonies drift in a dream-state, conjuring dystopian scenes of riot horses, television sounds, and parliamentary blood rituals. Throughout this darkness and trauma, an abiding thread of resilience persists. While Galloway and Tavella’s lyrics decry a sea of disconnection, they struggle against this detachment in search of the beauty that still exists between the broken lines. What fate has organized won’t cut your ears off to the sound

Look for Devotional this November. 

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Impose Magazine: "...[On] the ultra-cathartic blood-letting primal howl of, “Chin Up”...all involved talents bottle up all their collected experiences and contributing talents into an anthem brew of voices and big boisterous chords."

BuzzBands LA: "— biting alt-rock with a tender heart and exposed nerves."

Yay LA: "it’s no surprise that their undeniable combo of gritty post-punk riffs, ambient electro textures, and raw vocal harmonies have been causing significant vibrations locally."




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